Pencil Portraits

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Portrait Order & Enquiry Form

Only 40 or US$80 for a 12 inch by 8 inch portrait, postage included

Price is per subject: e.g. two subjects costs 80 or $160 (up to 16 by 12 inch size)

All portraits are drawn on smooth, acid-free, heavy-weight paper

Portraits are scanned for preview by e-mail before payment

Payment is by UK cheque, US check or international money order

Delivery is usually about four weeks after receipt of the photograph

Portrait Enquiry

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Please email: Paul C. Smith

Springside, Clotton Common, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 0HQ, England

Your Photograph Checklist:

Studio quality photograph (required for large and giant portraits)
You can see reflections in the eyes
Light falls from the front and to one side
Photograph preferrably taken without flash which washes out shading
The face is at least 1" wide on the photograph
All the subject is in focus

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